el rancho bungalows

Tailored for young working adults and university graduate students, the Rancho Bungalows concept is predicated on a layering of public to private spaces that encourages interaction within the compound community. A public yard acts as a buffer from the outside as well as a communal gathering space for each of the units, allowing for informal events or gardening. Moving toward the units, the pedestrian access spine is situated between the yards and modular units. To soften the transition from the access spine while affording privacy for each of the units, a masonry wall weaves along the edge of the public and private threshold, allowing for spatial relief along the walk way as well as subtle visual connections from interior to exterior. The masonry wall is patterned with modular openings within the masonry units to allow for light and sound to connect the two spaces. This method creates a lantern like effect to the otherwise hard surface. Hidden behind the masonry wall lies private yards adjoining each unit. The walls reach up to a specific height to provide privacy while compositionally aligning with the elevations of the buildings beyond. The massing of the duplex units conceptually acknowledges a midcentury design philosophy. Angled roof planes march along, breaking up the sky line while visually nesting into the adjacent masonry walls. The spaces are programmed as one- and two-bedroom units. Each of the interior spaces makes strong connections to the exterior through fenestration that captures lighting and the private exterior gardens.