greek heritage park

The Greek Heritage Park is a space intended to celebrate the history and linage of the Greek Society at the University of Arizona. The plan is informed by a major and minor axis system; the major axis connects to the adjacent street and symbolically heralds the major themes of greek life at the university, while the minor axis celebrates the subsequent tenants of greek life and those that have contributed. Each axis is defined by a path and spatially constrained by a system of colonnades. Each colonnade is proportionally designed through a geometric analysis of the path and visual frame it creates through its terminus. Each of the colonnades is composed of a concrete column and steel lintel. The lintel’s are incised with the names of individuals or groups who have contributed to the park. The lintels have been designed so that in the evenings, the system is back light and the names glow through the steel panels. 

The major axis connects to the rear of the park that terminates in a timeline wall, recognizing major achievements and events through the history of greek life at the University. This axis is flanked by pocket parks and vegetated areas enjoyed by students and members of each house. The minor axis acts as a defining border while providing small pockets of seating and vegetation. Pathways underneath the colonnades are marked with engraved pavers and concrete thresholds. Columns are engraved with the names and groups that have participated in the conception of the park.