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We take great pride in our system of developing unique solutions that are architecturally exciting, challenging how we think about the built environment without sacrificing efficiency and budget.

Founded in 2014, the conception of RAHarchitects was rooted in a singular philosophy; a project’s success is predicated on the architectural team’s ability to listen, observe and assimilate the client’s requirements and expectations to achieve functional efficiency while instilling aesthetic appeal.

As a junior firm, we strive to break the traditional mold of architectural firms that operate in factory-style management and production; the same design styles and architectural approach are applied to every project, regardless of their nature. Creativity plays a central role in our architectural attitude, every project is unique and should be treated accordingly.

It has been our observation that architects assume a didactic position on a project team, assuming their expertise alone will inform the design. We distance ourselves from that disposition and strive to serve the client rather than be served by the potential of the project. It is our stance that a client is the primary knowledge base and our function is to extract, organize and disseminate that information.  We look for functional efficiency first, focusing on the architecture becoming a tool used by an organization to operate productively and successfully grow for the future.



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